There are times when journalists have a propensity to sensationalize things, especially when they’re trying to get across a certain demographic, like, say, the auto industry. On the flip side, journalists also have a responsibility to be as unbiased as they can be, knowing that their responsibilities as the media to call it down the line goes far beyond their own personal preferences.

Recently, Dutch journalist Thomas Bangma was invited by Lexus to take their new supercar, the LF-A, out for a spin. Normally, such an opportunity would make most journalists salivate and wet their pants at the chance to get behind the wheel of a supercar. But Bangma has been there before having driven a McLaren F1 and a Pagani Zonda in the past. So, you could say that the bar has been set pretty high. So after taking the LF-A out fir a drive, what does Bangma have to say about the LF-A?

“The car is the best car I have ever driven in all my years as a car journalist. It is an absolute gem.”

Take his word for it; the man knows what he is talking about.


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Uncia  (868) posted on 10.14.2009

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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