Video: Rental cars and the dirty truth behind them


Here’s something you might want to know in the event you find yourself renting a car in the future.

The Today Show ran a rather shocking investigative piece on the cleanliness - or lack thereof - of rental cars. The results of which would make even the rottenest of scums look like polished silver.

Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but we assure you, the Today Show’s piece is far from exaggerated. What they did was go to Miami - one of the biggest rental car markets in the US - and rented a number of cars ranging from sedans to minivans to SUVs. They then sent these cars to a lab where their microbiologists went through the painstaking, detailed job of swabbing every imaginable surface - from the steering wheel, to the door handles, to the power windows, and even the GPS unit.

The results of the findings can be described in one matter-of-fact statement the voice-over made that sent shivers down our bodies: "Some of the cars that we sent were so contaminated they had as much bacteria as a public restroom."


So, are you ready for the disgusting truth? Click on the video and see for yourself.


Source: The Today Show

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