• Video Review Compilation: 2019 McLaren 600LT

How do journos rate McLaren’s new twin-turbo scalpel?

McLaren launched its smallest hardcore “Long Tail” model, the 600LT, available as both a fixed hardtop and folding hardtop, late last year, and now the first reviews are starting to trickle in. The 600LT is a cheaper entry point into the McLaren range for those who enjoy taking their supercar to the track and would like to do so often. But, what do journalists think of it now that they’ve had a chance to get up close and personal with it? Find out for yourself in our video compilation below.

A Little About the 2019 McLaren 600LT

Video Review Compilation: 2019 McLaren 600LT
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Starting at around $240,000, it isn’t cheap even by supercar standards, yet it still undercuts the 720S which can very easily exceed $300,000.

It is also by no means the best or most comfortable McLaren you can buy as your daily driver. But, at the same time, it has plenty of other qualities that render it useful in other situations.

It is also some 211 pounds / 96 kg pounds lighter than the 570S coupe, and with a top speed of 204 mph / 328 km/h, it’s just one mph slower than the older 675LT. And, you can make it even lighter if you opt for the $30,000 MSO Clubsport package that swaps out the regular seats for “super-lightweight” seats, replaces many bits of trim with carbon fiber, and includes a carbon fiber roof and titanium wheel bolts.

Power comes from McLaren’s familiar 4.0-liter, twin-turbo, V-8 with 592 horsepower (30 more than the 570S) and 457 pound-feet or 620 Nm of torque. All power is sent to the rear wheels via a seven-speed, but surprisingly for a lightweight track special like this, it actually has an open diff, so in some situations (coming out of a corner mainly) it can’t quite put all its power down. Even so, it has no trouble launching itself from naught to 62 mph / 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and you can nail it every time using the built-in launch control system.

Video Review Compilation: 2019 McLaren 600LT
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McLaren also says the 600LT makes 220 pounds of downforce at 155 mph or 250 km/h, so it’s one of those cars that you have to drive really quickly in order to extract the most out of.

The aero kit is only effective at high speeds, which is why the manufacturer uses 155 mph as a benchmark speed or in other words it suggests you need to get close to that speed to feel the aero working.

2019 McLaren 600LT Video Review

Carwow’s Mat Watson doesn’t find the car especially good on the road or as a daily driver since it’s a bit too firm and fidgety on anything other than really smooth tarmac. He recommends you don’t buy this car unless you really plan to take it to track days... or if you need a quick flame to cook some marshmallows.

Mr. JWW was impressed by the fact that his convertible 600LT felt exactly the same as the regular coupe, even though it’s around 110 pounds / 50 kg heavier. You apparently don’t feel this extra weight when driving the car, even during limit handling situations where the possible lower torsional rigidity or scuttle shake would negatively affect handling. And yes, he too mentions the upward-facing exhausts, although he doesn’t use marshmallows to illustrate their usefulness.

Over on the Vehicle Virgins channel, the consensus is that the 600LT is “epic.” In their video, you will mostly learn about what differentiates Long Tail McLarens from lesser cars in the range and, of course, you get to see a 600LT Spider get ragged on both road and track.

Doug DeMuro takes you through the 600LT’s quirks and features - who else could tell you details like the fact that the bumps on one of the key fob buttons exactly correspond with the wheels of an icon of the car? His clip really focuses on interior and exterior details and to a lesser extent on the actual drive, but you’ve probably come to expect this if you’re familiar with his video format.

Chris Harris drove it for Top Gear, and he thinks it’s more engaging to drive than the far more exclusive (and excessive) Senna. He appreciates the fact that it is a simpler car that provides more feedback and, according to him, more enjoyment for the driver.

Henry Catchpole from Carfection calls the 600LT “a mouthwatering prospect.” He likes it for all the same reasons Chris Harris does, raving on about how good it is on the brakes, through the corners, and just how close to the Senna experience it is, even with considerably less power. However, he only drove the car on track, and from the other videos we know it’s not as accomplished on road, so keep this in mind as context for his conclusion.

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