Life is indeed imitating art in the case of Robert Downey Jr.

No, he hasn’t turned his Hollywood gig of a full-fledged super hero into a real life career, but what he did do is attend the Avengers premier in Hollywood the only way his on-screen alter-ego, Tony Stark, knows how: in grand style.

Instead of being driven in a limousine that is pretty much SOP with premieres, Downey, together with his wife, decided to drive the $9 million Acura NSX Roadster to the premiere at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.

Sticking with the movie, the NSX Roadster was accompanied by a number of Acura models bearing the S.H.I.E.L.D emblem, possibly to keep Downey Jr. safe in case Loki comes out and tries to eviscerate him.

For a man that revived his career with one hit after another, Downey could very well end up becoming associated as Tony Stark - and for some hard core fans, Iron Man - in the real world.

And if you’re going to try to fit into those shoes, you might as well do it looking ridiculously cool behind the wheel of a $9 million movie/superduper car.


Source: World Monitor

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