As if Rolls Royce hasn’t given us enough previews of the Ghost, we now have a video of Dan Balmer, the car’s production manager, taking it out on a test drive out on the road.

While we’ve all seen the countless number of teasers and previews for the Phantom, this is one of the rare times where we see the car actually being driven out of the headquarters. The car, which will be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, has already received a mountain of interest from prospective buyers all over the world, most of whom probably can’t wait long enough for the end of the year to arrive – the time Rolls Royce is scheduled to release out in Europe. Incidentally, the rest of the world would have to wait a little while longer – spring 2010 we heard – before they can get behind the wheel of Rolls-Royce’s new pride and joy.

While the car’s release is still a few months away, nobody is stopping us from ogling over it – or getting insanely jealous at Balmer - through this video.


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  (6) posted on 08.12.2009

Once again someone did not proofread this post. You are writing about the New Ghost and you refer in the text to the Phantom. Come one, you all can do better. If you need to hire a proofreader, I am available. LOL

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