It’s easy to see why brands like Rolls-Royce have a deep interest in the Middle Eastern market. It’s one of the biggest sales markets for the company and as a sign of its commitment to building an even bigger presence in the market, the British company is preparing to launch its new 1,001 Nights Collection.

In case the name escapes you, the 1,001 Nights Collection is exclusive to the Middle East, further casting little doubt just how match Rolls wants to be loved in that region.

In this video, Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke division is giving everyone a peek at the exclusive collection, which we will see manifest themselves in the Rolls-Royce Ghost in the future. Incidentally, Rolls-Royce already unveiled the Ghost One Thousand and One Nights Edition late last year.

But it’s only now that we’re seeing just how intricate and meticulous the level of detailing was in putting together what could very well be one of the most exclusive Rolls-Royce models we’ve seen in a while. From the unique motifs to the veneer and wood inlays with arabesque symbols, the Rolls-Royce 1,001 Nights collection is going to be all sorts of exclusive for arguably one of the most exclusive-starved markets in the world.

At this point, we don’t expect anything less from the region and the brand that wants a bigger piece of that said region.

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2013 Rolls Royce Ghost One Thousand And One Nights Edition

2013 Rolls Royce Ghost One Thousand and One Nights Edition High Resolution Exterior
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The new Rolls Royce Ghost One Thousand and One Nights Edition, which was shown, predictably enough, at the Sharjah International Automobile Show, is being offered in a variety of two-tone paint schemes, which are specially mixed by Rolls Royce’s bespoke team in Goodwood, England.

Each unit will feature a "One Thousand and One Nights" logo elegantly framing the door handles, among the aforementioned features that you saw in the video above.

Unfortunately, no other market will get these bad boys any time soon. That’s the price you pay, we guess, for not being a Rolls favorite.

Source: YouTube - Rolls-Royce

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