We’ve already had our introduction to the unicorn of all race cars, Red Bull’s X1 Prototype.

While regulations all over the world have prevented racing teams from creating the ultimate racing machine, there’s something to be said about the virtual world where rules and regulations take a backseat to the thrilling chase of building the fastest machine on the planet. This is where the Red Bull X1 Prototype takes center stage. The car is the epitome of the ultimate race car, devoid of any restrictions and built with only three things in mind: speed, speed, and speed.

Red Bull Formula One racer Sebastian Vettel took to the simulator to give the X1 a proper shakedown at the Nurburgring and judging by the sheer lap times alone – the X1 Prototype ran 30 seconds faster than Vettel’s fastest lap time in a Red Bull F1 car – the X1 Prototype has no peers, both in the real and in the virtual world.


Source: GT Planet

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