Every car buff knows that when you need to haul 15,000+ pounds, rip a stump out of the ground, or pull down an aging barn, you’re best off if you use a diesel-powered machine. Not due to its horsepower, but due to its torque. See, diesel engines notoriously have extremely high torque ratings, but their horsepower is typically very low in comparison.

So now you can understand our confusion and excitement when we hear about a diesel-powered dragster. That’s like hearing about a 1994 Geo Metro that can tow 10,000 pounds; it just doesn’t quite make sense. Well, now it does. What we have in the above video is a rail car with an International DT466 engine, which primarily saw use in school buses and farm equipment.

We are not too sure which DT466 this dragster has, as there are several variants – MaxForce DT466, DT466E, and DT466 – but we do know they produced a maximum of 300 horsepower, which is certainly not enough to get the car down a quarter mile in 7.6 seconds. According to the original poster of the video, the engine was built by famed diesel engine specialists Hypermax.

Needless to say it is fairly badass to hear a diesel engine spooling up three turbo chargers, then flying down a racetrack with black smoke billowing away. Yeah, a 7-second drag car is fun, but the added effect of the diesel sights and sounds just make it absolutely insane.

Crank up those speakers nice and loud, and enjoy the sounds of this beast.


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  (365) posted on 06.26.2012

Whoa, if it was me, I’d probably end up toppling over!

  (1211) posted on 06.25.2012

It’s nice to hear that Dragster roaring due to its torque.

  (224) posted on 06.22.2012

I admire the driver for being able to handle it like that.

  (544) posted on 06.21.2012

What kind of skill they have? I’m sure it’s nerve-cracking to do so.

  (194) posted on 06.20.2012

Seriously, is there anyone who wasn’t pleased by this?

  (683) posted on 06.18.2012

What a cool and fascinating skill of a dragster.

  (831) posted on 06.15.2012

I bet it would be faster if it has a petrol engine.

  (442) posted on 05.17.2012

I had to replay this a few times to make sure that it really ran in just seven seconds. It is unbelievably fast.

  (466) posted on 05.13.2012

With that speed in such an amount of time, it’s undeniably hell of a fast dragster. In addition to that, it truly sounded powerful with its thunderous noise.

  (553) posted on 05.10.2012

I admit that I have no idea with what the torque has to do because all I look at is the horsepower that a car has. This which doesn’t mention the amount of torque doesn’t help at all.

  (474) posted on 05.9.2012

Although details have not been specified, the video is enough proof of how fast performing it is!

  (300) posted on 05.9.2012

So, would it perform differently in case that it is powered by another kind of fuel?

  (559) posted on 05.8.2012

I don’t even need to read its specifications anymore, nor its performing capability; I’ve seen it with my own eyes that this is really fast!

  (287) posted on 05.7.2012

See? This is what diesel can do. I think its fuel quality has something to do with the way an engine of a car can perform. This is truly astounding.

  (630) posted on 05.7.2012

I didn’t even realize that seven seconds have passed as I watched this video; I was too busy staring and hearing the dragster. Who says 300HP is a joke?! The number of torque wasn’t mentioned, but I have the feeling that the dragster has an insane amount of it!

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