It’s been less than two months since Jaguar introduced the F-Type Project 7, a 567-horsepower, limited-edition version of the sports car, and the British have resumed Nurburgring testing, hinting that more iterations of the F-Type are underway. Jaguar tested several F-Types on the "Green Hell" between July 22nd and 25th, according to TouriClips, with as many as four vehicles being hooned simultaneously.

While the Brits are still mum on details, something is obviously going on in Germany, with some of the F-Types seen on the iconic track wearing swirly camouflage on their front fascias and side skirts. There are numerous scenarios to consider. Most of them are based on past spy shots and rumors, which indicate that Jaguar is readying at least three new versions of the sports car.

Interestingly enough, all the F-Types seen on the ’Ring in late July 2014 are roadsters. What’s more, none of them carry significant aerodynamic upgrades, being fitted with regular front bumpers and rear spoilers. So what’s Jaguar up to with these apparently plain-looking F-Types? Read on to learn more.

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Video: Several Jaguar F-Type Prototypes Caught Testing at Nurburgring Exterior Spyshots
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We already know Jaguar is working on hotter versions of the V-8 S model. Dubbed R-S, the beefed-up F-Type is expected to show up in Coupe and Roadster trims with up to 550 horsepower under the hood. Both versions have been spotted on the Nurburgring in the past, which makes our mission a bit easier. Based on a video we saw in early July 2014, we can tell that the R-S Convertible is not among the batch of vehicles tested recently by the Brits. The R-S is not only more aggressive by design, thanks to a larger front splitter and rear wing, but it also sports a reconfigured diffuser. Obviously none of the F-Types seen in the video above fit that description.

Then there’s the lightweight Club Sport model developed by the company’s Special Vehicle Operations Division (SVO). Rumored to weigh nearly 450 pounds less than the regular model, the Club Sport is also supposed to arrive with enhanced aerodynamics. We do have camouflage prototype in the video, but no actual differences can be spotted up front, where a standard bumper seems to be fitted. Of course, Jaguar could be testing a lighter body for the said model, and even a revised chassis or a brand-new, lighter suspension.

There’s also a four-cylinder-powered F-Type underway, as suggested by a prototype caught testing on the ’Ring back in April 2014. But while the previous prototype sounded nothing like a V-6 or a V-8, none of the vehicles spotted more recently on the track seem to have a four-pot. Unless JLR’s new range of four-cylinder engines sounds incredibly awesome under full throttle, all the F-Types featured in the video are supercharged V-6 and V-8 models.

Lastly, there’s the possibility Jaguar is actually testing the all-wheel-drive system set to make its way into the F-Type range for the 2016 model year. Some of the prototypes look more planted through those tight Nurburgring curves, and we know the F-Type is one tail-happy sports car, even in its less powerful trim.

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