The past three generations of Sony’s PlayStation franchise has Gran Turismo to call as its signature racing game.

All that appears to be changing with the PlayStation 4 and it’s new baby, Driveclub.

During the recent launch of the PS4, Sony was quick to show a new racing game franchise that was developed by Evolution Studios. Judging from the first trailer of Driveclub, which was also shown during the event, you can expect the same type of gameplay and car roster as Gran Turismo while sprinkled in with better functions, playability and graphics that will completely blow all of us away.

If you haven’t seen the first trailer of Driveclub, now’s your chance to see the PS4’s new racing game franchise. Only time will tell if it can give Gran Turismo a reason to quake in its boots, but looking at the trailer and the amazing graphics it has, we’re pretty confident that Driveclub will enjoy a pretty strong following too.


Source: YouTube - Sony PlayStation

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  (548) posted on 04.15.2013

Driveclub is perfect videogame for people who like racing games. I wonder if they are going to make WII, Xbox or PSP version for this game. I just hope the game players will like its better functions, playability and graphics.

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