When you’re a high-profile tuner in the industry, you try to squeeze as much out of your programs to be able to say that you have one of the best in the biz. In the case of SP Engineering, that involves taking a Nissan GT-R and ratcheting it up to an ungodly 1,000 horsepower.

In this video, you’re going to see what they do to a GT-R to ensure that it performs at optimum level, putting it up on the dyno to see just how strong and powerful Godzilla can be with the SPE 1000R program fitted into it.

Coming from the guys that showed us their program for the Nissan Skyline R34 about a month ago, it’s pretty safe to say that their insatiable thirst for ponies - lots and lots of it - certainly knows no bounds.

Check out the GT-R perform its dyno run in the video. Turn up the volume, close your eyes, and enjoy the shrill of what 1,000 horsepower does to Godzilla. After that check out the slew of performance upgrades available for the GTR from SP Engineering. They have five total, this SPE 1000R is the most powerful and is aptly named the Godzilla package.


Source: You Tube

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