When it comes to turning an Audi R8 into an even better performance machine, we here at Top Speed are more than happy to tell you about it. This particular mid engine super car has been tuned by Eisenmann GmbH and has been renamed the Spark 8. Using an assortment of both Carbon Kevlar and Carbon Fiber to strengthen the aluminum Audi’s chassis along with a few color coded body parts and a new set of rims Eisenmann truly has transformed the R8 into something even more special. However our favorite touch is the Reventón style center exit exhaust.

is a name that might not say much to you, but they have created a special package for the R8 Sports car. Called Spark 8, it includes Carbon Kevlar and Carbon Fiber fabrics that strongly improves the car’s strength.


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  (534) posted on 01.17.2010

Really did a risky note on customizing the Audi R8 but really did an impressive job especially on the exteriors where it’s carbon fibre and the Reventon inspired center exit exhaust. I think the name Spark 8 really fit on this modification but it will be best if they call it ’S8’.

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