Hennessey Performance Engineering seems to have made a habit of turning fast and powerful cars into speed demons on the road. The performance tuners latest project, the 2010 HPE700 Camaro is no different from the rest.

Loaded with a supercharged LS9 V8 engine – the same engine that can be found under the hood of the Corvette ZR1 – the HPE700 Camaro produces around 717 ft-lb of torque and a horsepower of well over 700 hp. If you know your Camaros, that’s 300+ ft-lb of torque and 250+ horsepower more than the standard Camaros. For lack of a better term, the HPE700 is a Camaro on steroids.

It sounds appropriate too once you listen to the added power the HPE700 produces. Of course, Hennessey made all of that possible by tinkering with the car’s specifications including the addition of 15-inch carbon brakes and a customized suspension to make the car sturdier as it picks up speed. In addition to that, Hennessey also outfitted the HPE700 with a number of carbon fiber body panels to make it relatively lighter than standard Camaros.

From what we’ve heard, only 24 of these cars have been made retooled by Hennessey and 13 have already placed in their orders. The car, which will be on-hand at SEMA, costs around $120,000 so if you’re interested in purchasing one, we must warn you that only 11 cars remain up for sale.
Should you need more convincing, we invite you to check out the video of the car and listen to he rip-roaring power of the engine. Frankly, that’s all the convincing you’ll need.


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  (4) posted on 09.23.2009

80hp more than standard Camaro’s? I don’t think so. Someone needs to proof read before clicking ’submit’.

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