All car buffs can appreciate when a new car comes out and pumps out 40 horsepower more than its predecessor and even blows away the old version in looks. What separates the typical car buff from the car nut is if they really care how the car got to that point. So many times I will sit and discuss gear ratios, camshaft lift and duration, compression, and weight with people and all they have to say is “How much horsepower does it have.”

Well, SRT obviously thinks its customer base is full of car nuts, as it released five videos with the engineers and designers of the 2013 SRT Viper discussing various parts of the design process, including: general overview, powertrain, interior design, handling characteristics, and exterior design. All we can say about these videos is “Wow.” SRT went above and beyond in developing this car, then went even further to draw us all into the engineering and design rooms.

All of the videos are great, but one of my favorite parts is how the designer states that the point of the interior is to keep it simple yet refined. That is a huge thing with us, as some cars go way overboard with the high-tech gadgets, to the point that it’s overwhelming. It’s pretty funny that they specifically single out Corvette owners and how they complain about the “video game” feel to the controls.

The engine video is great and the engineer really puts to bed some of the issues that the Viper has had in past years. The biggest issue by far was the uneven cooling of the engine and head gasket issues. Both of which seem taken care of with the revised cooling system.

Our favorite video by far is the “Handling Characteristics” video. First off, you can tell the engineer is a car dude and loves this stuff. But hearing about the adjustable stability control and the nasty launch control feature just made us all warm and fuzzy.

Before we give it all away, check out the videos yourself, they are an awesome lesson in how to design a car correctly.

Additional videos after the jump.

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  (453) posted on 05.7.2012

I need not to know a lot, but I still watched anyway because I’m deeply interested with the SRT Viper. It’s cool to gain facts from these engineers.

  (463) posted on 05.7.2012

Ah, so it’s like that. I wanted to enter my monitor to be there, and personally watch their every move.

  (459) posted on 04.11.2012

Well, there is a lot to explain to the consumers but obviously only the basics are often inquired about. With these, I understood plenty of things about SRT Viper; I also got to know these superb engineers.

  (300) posted on 04.10.2012

I get inexplicably moved while watching those videos. This is why I love the SRT Viper team!

  (409) posted on 04.10.2012

Because of these videos, my admiration for SRT Viper and its engineers have further deepened. You can see how much effort they’ve exerted to elaborate the details and successfully produce the supercar.

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