This video is the automotive equivalent of a perfect mix-tape. Ask anybody with any passion for exotics and they’ll tell you that one of their favorite things about these high-powered machines is the engine start-up.

In some cases, it’s the push of a button. In other cases, it’s turning the keys in the ignition. Whatever set-up an exotic has, the glorious roar of that engine coming to life is as good as it gets.

Naturally, somebody has come up with the genius idea of compiling 22 of the most mouth-watering super cars on the planet and capturing these cars spring to life one growling roar at a time.

Just in case you’re wondering about the line-up of supercars in this video, there are Lamborghinis, Ferraris, a Ford GT40, and even a Pagani Zonda. The video is only a little under two minutes long, giving you enough time to serenade your senses with the unmistakable noise that only exotics can provide.


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  (242) posted on 01.16.2012

The line up was good. But I can say that I am not satisfied with the video. It must have more, a longer video is better. Thanks for the owner of this video for he/she has shown us 22 supercars on the planet.

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