Video: Supercars are "disturbing the peace" in London

If you ask us, we don’t see this as a problem more than it is a Godsend. Can you imagine living in a neighborhood that has more supercars than, well, houses?

Unfortunately, not everybody shares our enthusiasm for revving engines and high-octane exotics. According to Bloomberg, residents of the Knightbridge district, one of London’s most exclusive neighborhoods, have become a little weary of all the supercars loitering in the area with one resident even going so far as saying that it sounds like Le Mans all day and everyday. The report also goes on and says that residents of Knightbridge have started protest groups in an effort to curtail the excessive noise these cars produce, especially during the wee hours of the morning when everybody’s trying to get some sleep.

The increasing number of supercars in the area are mostly owned by wealthy Middle Easterners that are on vacation in London. With the Middle Eastern summer in full swing, these people often fly to London – with supercars in tow – to leave the sweltering heat of their respective countries. Unfortunately, a lot of Londoners are become more and more agitated at these people, not because they’re going to their neighborhood, but because they’re bringing their “abhorrently” noisy rides with them.


Source: Bloomberg

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  (442) posted on 10.4.2010

Sound so cool! Supercars are being towed away in London...nice..smiley

  (23) posted on 10.4.2010

I’d say that it creates a feeling of luxury!

  (666) posted on 10.3.2010

Screw the people who live there we wanna see super cars and hyper cars.

  (23) posted on 10.2.2010

spot checks? targeting supercars.. lets be real here if there not doing anything wrong lets just pull them over for no reason at all..

  (13) posted on 10.2.2010

Its great to hear that Supercar provides peace and harmony. Now I am thinking to have 2-3 supercars round me so that i can’t have any mental problem and can concentrate on my work.

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