What does Christmas mean to you?

We’re pretty sure everyone out there has a different response to this question. But what if we ask what song do you associate with Christmas? The answer to this question is most likely "Jingle Bells," right?

You heard this song many times and sung in many different ways, by grownups or kids, live or on TV, but how many of you heard the song sang by a bunch of supercars? Yes, you read it right: supercars!

Youtube user jorrie2 wanted to see how this song will sound like while played by the strongest engines in the world, so he gathered all of the exhaust notes he could find and put them together in this cool compilation. We’re sure there were numerous hours put into this exhaust-umental piece, so our hats go off to him.

From the folks here at TopSpeed, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and enjoy this video to kick off your gift opening!


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