The 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans was a successful one on a lot of fronts. It had action-packed racing, it had a record-breaking performance from Audi, and it didn’t have any fatalities. The last one may be a bit harsh, but given the history of Le Mans, something like that should never go unsaid.

Developments in safety and technology give race car drivers the opportunity to ply their crafts without worrying about whether they’d live to see the checquered flag, but any true fan of the Le Mans racing series knows that that wasn’t always the case. In their new documentary called "Deadliest Crash", BBC takes a look back at the one racing accident from 1955 that spurned the advent of safety changes in motorsports. That incident still stands as the single deadliest racing accident in motorsports history, taking over 85 lives with it, as well as injuring another 120 people.

Knowing how dangerous the sport of motor racing is, measures were made to ensure that something like that never happens again and proof of that attempt lives on in Le Mans today. Apart from a few minor car mishaps, the 2010 staging of the 24-hour endurance race had all of its drivers in good and stable condition after the race. Of course, it also is worth noting that the 1955 incident served as the wake-up call for racing leagues to prioritize driver - and spectator - safety above everything else.

Check out the teaser vid of "Deadliest Crash" and be sure to catch the DVD when it hits stores.


Source: BBC

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  (444) posted on 07.20.2011

Well, accident may occur anywhere and everywhere so we need to be careful all the time. Its a good thing that Le Mans admits that they have a major fault in the tragic incident but I guess they already learned their lesson.

  (334) posted on 07.20.2011

Le Mans is the most popular racing event. I never knew that a deadly and tragic crashed happened in the history of the Le Mans. Well, I guess by that time they have learned from the mistake of the past and give a major focused about safety.

  (314) posted on 06.15.2011

Yeah, Kind of sad though I think this would be the hardest way to learn a lesson. This only means that prevention is better than cure!

  (415) posted on 06.15.2011

So sad to watch this video. Well, through mistakes that’s how we learn. I think this tragic accident have leave a mark on the family of the dead. No wonder why Le Mans were so concerned with the safety of audiences and drivers.

  (429) posted on 05.31.2011

This would the most tragic crashed I have seen so far..No wonder why the security
in Le Mans i very tight! I’m sorry for those family that lose their love ones in this incident..

  (378) posted on 05.31.2011

Depressing, it feels like an outcome from a tsunami or a natural disaster. I bet this would be a wake up call from the management of the Le Mans that safety is important for both drivers and audiences.

  (274) posted on 05.10.2011

That’s a sad news and I think its the deadliest I have seen so far. Actually, I have seen that the car in the track continuous the race and doesn’t mind the crashed that happened! They don’t have any idea that almost hundred of audiences was killed.

  (291) posted on 05.10.2011

Yay! It seems to be so tragic, the number of people that was killed in this accident plus the injuries is kind of huge! I guess, they haven’t planned for the security of the audiences.

  (777) posted on 03.31.2011

Aw!That was tragic but yeah, there’s nothing new in this kind of news. Now, Im starting to ask myself if this kind of incident are really necessary for car racing? Is it possible that no accident will happen on a race?

  (1211) posted on 09.21.2010

What’s new??They shouldn’t spoil the word racing.. cause the word itself sounds so deadly..

  (417) posted on 09.2.2010

There’s a flying debris everywhere, that’s a very horrifying accident. You’re watching Final Destination 4’s Deja’vu.

  (379) posted on 06.17.2010

i wonder how many head has taken off bonnet flew over them.. for sure you don’t wanna count it..


  (313) posted on 06.16.2010

Look at the car bonnets. If flew directly to the crowds. I hope this would not happen again.

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