Video: Text, knit and drink wine while driving a Ferrari F430

Imagine what you can do with a self-shifting Ferrari F430 Challenge. For this one owner, it turns out that you can sneak in a text message to your friend, finish a personally-knitted sweater, and finally, drink wine and get yourself intoxicated.

Of course, all of the gimmicks didn’t actually happen while this guy was driving the F430 around the track. If you look closely at the way he steers the wheel of the car, it’s not exactly consistent with the track layout. So, yes, this is nothing more than a spoof.

Nevertheless, as far as shifting gears is concerned, the man has it easier than the rest of us. Calling it the ‘Ferraromatic’, he cleverly illustrates just how fun it is to drive a supercar without even bothering to shift gears every few seconds.


Source: Axis of Oversteer

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  (765) posted on 02.7.2010

I didn’t believe the video either. Considering on how this sort of cars can handle when it comes to high speed. Those turns in the circuit can actually deliver a good G force on the driver that it would make moving as such hard.

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