About a week ago, we took the time to show you a video of the new Batmobile Tumbler in transit, on its way to a secret location in Pittsburgh. This week, thanks to YouTube member, DoctaM3, we have videos of the Tumbler in all its camouflaged glory.

The production of the movie has taken the cast and crew all over the world, but most recently, they were at the heart of Pittsburgh where the first shots of the undisguised Tumbler finally made their appearance.

All the whispers surrounding what the new Tumbler will look like has now been muted. The rug has been pulled off of Batman’s gargantuan street-destroyer and the military-inspired theme with the camouflage decal only emphasizes the growing sentiment that this particular Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Columbus will go down as one of the best Hollywood trilogies of all time.

And while we’re talking about the Tumbler - there were actually three of them - it’s worth pointing out that they look a lot fiercer and more imposing than the original Tumbler that appeared in Batman Begins.

There’s another video after the jump!

Source: YouTube

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  (474) posted on 01.6.2012

Yeah! It really looks hideous! I can’t even feel a little excitement about the debut and production of this batmobile and just like Bobby Cruz, I’m hoping as well that the next batmobile is a Lamborghini vehicle.

  (518) posted on 08.4.2011

I thought they are going to use the Lamborghini car as the next batmobile? Don’t tell me they have already ruined the car and transform it into this ugly junk!IMO, it would be better if they just hide the face of that car behind the camouflage! 

  (359) posted on 08.4.2011

haha. Although they have to hide the details behind the camouflage, I can tell that this vehicle look so hideous! Admittedly, the tyres seem powerful, but I don’t think that the other detail would be impressive just like its name batmobile! 

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