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    The Belgrade phantom official trailer with english subtitles

    In september 1979 young guy stole a Porsche 911S Targa. He was driving crazy on Slavija, central square in Belgrade for 2 weeks. Every night he was there, to do at least one lap. Police was useless, they weren’t able to catch him with their Zastava 101’s and Fiat 1300. His name was Vladimir Vasiljevic, and his nickname was "Vlada Opel". People liked him, and you could see 10 000 people on the street every night, waiting for him, and he never let them down. That was not just crazy night ride - some people say that he was protesting aganist Tito’s regime in his own way, but I think that more likely he was some kind of "Rebel With a Cause" One night police set him a trap on Slavija, and he crashed in one of the buses, but he managed to escape - crowd blocked the wreck until he got out. He was arrested later because someone snitched him. He vas sentenced to 3 or 5 years in prison (you can find various data on internet). He got killed in mid 80s - he crashed into a truck trailer on highway. He was driving an old Lada.

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