Video: The Chevy Volt Dance

By now, you’ve probably heard of Chevrolet’s new marketing campaign for the Chevy Volt, including the eyebrow-raising, yet LSS-inducing ‘Chevy Volt Song’.

It turns out that the Chevy Volt Song has an equally dumb-founding cousin: the Chevy Volt Dance.

Don’t get us wrong: we appreciate the arts of singing and dancing just like everyone else, but we do have to question the rationale of PR and marketing heads of Chevrolet for their decision to market the Volt like some sort of variety show.

While the Chevy Volt Song does have a tinge of catchiness into it, the Chevy Volt Dance is straight out of a choreographed noon-time variety show, complete with the backflips, gyrating, and break-dancing. The Volt, we surmise, will be better off without ‘the Dance’ and we just hope that Chevrolet does something about it like say, burn any and all tapes and remove all evidence that such a dance ever existed.


Source: GM Volt

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  (571) posted on 12.20.2009

is this the new way of car promotion? for all i know chevy doesn’t need this type of promotion, because they are well known in Automotive industry.

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