Video: The final episode of Audi’s "The Next Big Thing" mini-series

Mercifully, Audi’s "The Next Big Thing" mini-series has just released the final episode, much to our collective delight.

It’s not that we don’t like the whole campaign by Audi to promote the new A1. It’s just that the whole mini-series has been one farcical scene after another and before seeing this last episode, we still didn’t know what the whole thing was about. All the things we picked up from the first five episodes can be summarized into a couple of things: mixed-gender wrestling, resurrected diner waiters, a car chase with a Ford Crown Victoria, mysterious billboard messages, and hot make-out sessions. As far as the storyline goes, well, yeah, we we’re still trying to figure that one out.

Fortunately, Audi spared us from all the mental brain-wracking and released the sixth and final installment of the mini-series. We’d love to divulge you with spoilers, but we figured that no amount of explaining will do justice to what you can watch for yourself.


Source: Audi

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  (392) posted on 06.14.2010

Cool, BMW did the same thing with Clive Owen in 2001-02. It was a series of 8 short films starring Clive Owen in different BMW cars.

  (512) posted on 06.10.2010

they are just wasting their money here in this commercial.

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