Ferrari’s "Prancing Horse" logo is arguably one of the most iconic brand logos in the world today. Not just in the auto industry. The entire world.

But while many of us can pick and point to a Ferrari logo from all corners of the world, very few of us actually know the history behind the black galloping stallion in front of the yellow crest.

How did the Ferrari logo begin and when did it emerge?

So many questions have resulted in varying answers and now, Ferrari has finally come out with a video explaining the history behind their world famous logo.

As it turns out, the story behind the logo was only told by Ferrari patriarch, Enzo Ferrari, just once. According to Ferrari, the horse was painted on the fuselage of one Francesco Baracca, considered as one of the top Italian fighter pilots of the First World War. The story goes that Ferrari was instructed by Baracca’s mother to use the Prancing Horse logo on his cars for good luck. Together with the Prancing Horse, Ferrari added a canary yellow background as an homage to the official colors of Modena.

Beginning as a shield with the initials ’S.F.’- Scuderia Ferrari - below the horse, the logo slowly evolved and has since taken a rectangular shape with the ’S.F.’ initials taken out and replaced with the now famous ’Ferrari’ name.

The rest, as they always say, is now steeped in automotive history.


Source: Ferrari

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