Video: The Importance of Sound in "Need For Speed"

By now, a lot of you have probably watched the Need for Speed movie, and while the story left a lot to be desired, the cars in the movie were a definite treat to our senses. That includes our sense of sound, which played a pretty important role in our viewing experience, given the roster of exotics that were in the movie.

This video by Sound Works Collection takes us on a "behind-the-recordings" look at how sound mixing played a huge role in making the movie. The objective, according to re-recording mixer Greg Russell, was to not only make the cars the "heartbeat from a sonic standpoint" but to be authentic and believable, allowing the audience to be put into the front seat.

Forget about how the movie was shot and the cinematography of it, this is about understanding the importance of those ear-piercing shrieks coming out of all those exotics to make the movie more believable.

Like what Russell further elaborated on, when four cars pass by, the objective is to "hear four engines, not a blur of sound".

Watch the video to further digest why sound mixing was a very important tool in making the Need for Speed movie. After that, go watch the movie again and we guarantee that once you pay close to attention to the sound, the experience of watching it gets exponentially better.


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