Edmund’s Inside Line editor Brian Moody was fortunate enough to be there when Infiniti cracked open the casket containing their Essence Concept car when it arrived at the world’s greatest car show, Pebble Beach. It’s always interesting to see how these million dollar rides are packaged for their long distance travel. The Essence concept debuted this past March in Geneva showcasing the luxury brand’s forward thinking combination of turbochargers and electric motors to create a super car that has almost 600 HP and can run as a zero emissions vehicle.

Video: The Infiniti Essence arrives at Pebble Beach
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What sets the Essence apart from most concept cars is that it is a true automobile, able to run completely under its own power. The hybrid system combines a boosted gas burning internal combustion V6 with a pair of electric motors to create a true 21st century luxury super car. Quite possibly a hint at a future iteration of an Infiniti GT-R with its with its bold body lines and over the top accessories like Louis Vuitton luggage.

The luxury arm of the Nissan Motor Company also gave the world a preview of the new BMW 5-Series competitor when they showed off the redesigned 2011 Infiniti M which should make for an interesting addition to the segment in a few years. If the Japanese engineers can figure out a way to stuff some of that turbo VQ/electric motor technology under the hood by the time it hits showrooms, M5 watch out!


Source: Edmunds Inside Line

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