Long before the Nissan GT-R wreaked havoc on the roads and earned its nickname, Godzilla, its predecessor was considered one of the most important cars in Nissan’s history. It was one that paved the way for a generation of drivers to, in their own words, "chooses the path of racing.”

Ever since the Skyline and the GT-R names were split, which led to the complete disappearance of the former in favor of the latter, not a lot of people have given the Nissan Skyline its due credit as one of the fiercest cars in the 1960’s.

In this video, we take a stroll down memory lane to reacquaint ourselves with how the legend of the Skyline was born all the way back to the 1964 Suzuka Grand Prix. This is where the earliest models of the Skyline, then a relative unknown model built by Prince Motor Company, took the fight to the most supreme machine of them all, the Porsche 904 Carrera GTS.

No, the Skyline didn’t win that particular race, but what it did was serve notice to just about everyone that this was a car that meant serious business.

We’re not gonna spoil you any more info from the mini-documentary because no amount of words will do justice to seeing the video for yourself.


Source: Nissan

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