Lexus’s latest super car, the LF-A, has just failed its latest endurance session at the Nurburgring 24. Gazoo Racing has been campaigning the V10 powered LF-A in a number of endurance races in an attempt to bring the lessons learned from the race track onto the streets when the 500 HP Lexus finally does arrive in showrooms around the world in 2010, even if they are in limited numbers.

Apparently only 1 hour and 33 minutes before the end of the day long endurance race, one of the two LF-As competing suffered a catastrophic failure. Nearing the end of the competition, the number 15 car had to pull off to the side of the track as flames were coming out from the rear of the car. Although not much has been disclosed about the failure, this does not look good for Lexus’s future sales figures.


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  (1024) posted on 05.30.2009

Lots of car are destroyed on the Nurburgring, thats why they call it the green hell. It doesn’t mean anything about the cars performance or sales.

  (68) posted on 05.29.2009

Also, didn’t the R8 and the Veyron catch fire and were totally destroyed on Nurburgring? Yet people are still buying them. Hmm...

  (68) posted on 05.29.2009

We see Ferrari’s, Audi R8’s, Lamborghini’s, and Mercedes cars catch fire all the time. It doesn’t seem to affect their sales or demand. I don’t think this is much different.

  (314) posted on 05.29.2009

The reason for this hot burning LF-A was not disclosed so far. But the Nurburgring debut of Lexus super car will surely affect its future sales.

  (421) posted on 05.29.2009

For a super car that promises alot, this Nurburgring incident foretells the early demise of this Mecha machine. I wonder what Nissan has to say about it.

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