With the countdown towards the official opening of Ferrari World beginning - it’s going to be on October 28, in case you didn’t know - Ferrari has taken the liberty to aggressively promote the indoor theme park and what guests are in store for when the theme park officially opens.

While we’re pretty certain that there’s going to be a boatload of fun activities to do inside Ferrari World, the Italian automaker has made no mistake in promoting the theme park’s ultimate attraction, the Formula Rossa roller-coaster.

Considered the world’s fastest roller-coaster - it has a top speed of 240 kmh - the Ferrari Formula Rossa accelerates from 0-100 kmh in just two seconds, effectively launching the brave folks who ride it as high as 52 meters above the ground all while dishing out around 1.7G’s in the process. Nobody said it was for the weak-of-heart. And, oh yeah, Ferrari will require riders to wear safety goggles because, in their own words, "it’s that fast."

To keep you up-to-speed with the Formula Rossa roller-coaster, check out this video Ferrari recently released documenting how the roller-coaster was built from the ground up.


Source: Ferrari

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