Video: The most awesome BMW X5 roll over save ever

A few days ago, we showed you a video of a BMW X5 attempting a barrel roll and failing miserably in doing so. There’s something to be said for an amateur trying to pull something like this off, the most important of which is ‘what the hell is he thinking?’

On the flip side, the rally driver of the BMW X5 in this video shows us how to save your ride from rolling over. All it took was the SUV coming perilously close to rolling over before the driver does some amazing steering wheel magic. It looks easy from watching it, but trust us, it’s easier to watch it than it is to do it in the heat of the moment.

The most awesome part is, the driver does it not once, but twice in a matter of seconds. That type of driving requires some serious skills and awareness of your surroundings to pull it off.

We don’t recommend anybody from attempting this stunt with their own cars, but in the event you find yourself in the same predicament, at least you’ll know how save your car from rolling over.


Source: You Tube

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  (4) posted on 09.7.2010

Wow, that was incredible.
Driver is from United Arab Emirates (Flag at the End of Vid)

  (325) posted on 09.7.2010

That’s really awesome, he almost gets to a drum roll twice but he saves it perfectly well.

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