You know a song/jingle has made an impression on you when you find yourself unknowingly singing it all the time.

That’s how we felt after listening to the official "Chevy Volt Song".

According to Maria Roher, GM’s director of global Volt marketing, the song was created not just for marketing and promotional purposes, but also to inculcate into the minds of people that the future of auto industry is of the electric variety.

“We are not only looking to sell our Volts come start of production but we are also looking to educate our youth on something that is rather new and sophisticated and quite eco minded,” she says. “A Volt song helps us to achieve those objectives. ’Chevy Volt and Me’ explains what Volt is all about as a better EV in simple friendly terms.”

We have to give it to GM and the Volt team. There’s a certain catchy tune to the song that you can’t get rid of after listening to the chorus, “E for electricity and V for Chevy Volt and me…”


Source: GM Volt

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