At first glance, one may think that Top Gear has gone and cloned the Stig, but these white racing suits belong to people who are a little less secret and a lot more purpose driven. The stars in this video are the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows display team and, after watching this video, we think even the Stig could learn a little something from these guys.

The Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows team handle their job with precision stunt driving, blistering pace, and mind-boggling skill as they push Mercedes models to their limit on the track. In this video, the Silver Arrows are putting Mercedes’ V8 powered vehicles to the test, making it a must watch for anyone who is a little AMG-obsessed.

If for nothing else, watch the video just for the sweet sounds pouring out of the V8 engines. You will absolutely not be disappointed. And if you live in the UK, there’s a bonus. Click here for a chance to watch the Silver Arrows stunt team perform for free!


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  (647) posted on 07.25.2011

The drivers are like RoboCops. By the way, I really like their video, it shows the way the car drifts even on a wet road. It also shows that even of it is only V8, it can still perform well.

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