First of all, we’d like to greet everyone with a shout out of "Happy New Year!"

There’s no better way to kick off 2012 than hitting all of you where it really matters with the sights and sounds of some of the most exciting auto footage of 2011.

YouTube member, Jorrie2, has made this compilation for all of us, showing supercars and exotics by the manufacturer all prancing, preening, and just flat out hollering, much to the delight of our eyes and ears.

Now that you’re probably still reeling from the revelry of New Year’s Eve, we invite you to sit back, relax, turn up the volume, and hit play. For all the fun you had welcoming 2012, this is our own way of welcoming you to the new calendar year.

11 minutes worth of non-stop action, just the way you want to kick off a new chapter in your lives on an huge and ear-splitting bang.

Enjoy, folks!


Source: Jorrie2 (YouTube)

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  (580) posted on 02.3.2012

They’ve been noisy this new year. Well, this was an amazing video. The car is impressive enough to produce that wild roar.

  (488) posted on 01.19.2012

A big wow! it was fully packaged with best supercars showcasing their great performances and lovely sounds. I love the video, its really fun to watch especially the way they produce sounds efficiently.

  (384) posted on 01.16.2012

Yeah! It features here the best of the best supercars. I am really dreaming to have at least one of this. I love to hear the lovely sound and I feel like I’m the one who’s driving. A different models with different performance.

  (369) posted on 01.12.2012

Looks amazing! It showcases all the best supercars. Great video. can’t wait for more of it.

  (342) posted on 01.10.2012

Haha. I would love to play this video a couple of times. This is a great start for 2012. And I am dreaming of this too just like what jay_walker had said. smiley

  (798) posted on 01.4.2012

Looks amazing! It showcases all the best supercars. Great video. I wonder when will be the right for me to own one of them. I am really dreaming about that. Haha

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