When Ferrari unveiled the 599 Vettura Laboratiorio HY-KERS hybrid concept supercar at the Geneva Motor Show, a lot of people were intrigued to know exactly how Ferrari was going to incorporate a 100 horsepower electric motor and lithium ion batteries into a 599 without compromising the car’s noted powerhouse performance.

To appease all of those curious eyebrows, Ferrari released a detailed video regarding the drivetrain technology behind the 599 HY-KERS. According to Ferrari, the HY-KERS comes with an advanced, compact, and lightweight hybrid solution where the 599’s existing drivetrain incorporates the hybrid components all while leaving the handling and cabin space unaffected.

If we recall the Ferrari’s press release about the 599 HY-KERS, they mentioned that the electric motor that is added to the 599 comes just about enough power to compensate for the added weight that comes with effectively having two drivetrains in one car. As far as we can tell, this whole make-up was built so that the 599 can run on low speeds with the electric motor then switch to the standard and more powerful engine as soon as the driver kicks the 599 into high gear.


Source: Ferrari

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