Video: The technology of the Quattro system as explained by Audi


It goes without saying that the Quattro system has become such an integral part of Audi’s fleet of models, especially in the US where the whole system was partially responsible for turning the image of Audi from a Volkswagen-owned automaker to a brand that pretty much has stood as its own unique marquee.

But while the words ’Audi’ and ’Quattro’ have become synonymous with each other, the question on a lot of people’s minds, who aren’t familiar with the technology, is what the whole Quattro principle really is.

If you ask any one of us, we can give you a watered-down version of it, but that wouldn’t be any fun and it wouldn’t be as – how shall we put it – educational as hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth.

That being said, we invite you to watch this six-minute video of Audi explaining what the Quattro system is all about. Pay attention because it’s as close to a crash course as you can get.


Source: Audi

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