Owning the latest supercars is as fun as it is expensive, and TV show host Jay Leno is one of the very few people that can confirm that. He can also tell you that owning hypercars doesn’t stop at having millions of dollars to pay for them. These cars need to be maintained like any other, especially if you put them through their paces on track. With aggressive track driving comes several risks. You need to be sure not to stuff your shiny sports car at the first corner, but you also need to be prepared to go home with scratches and dings from track debris.

If finding your Ferrari or McLaren with a deep scratch on its bonnet is likely to cause an aneurysm, then you should think about taking some precautionary measures. This is where Protective Film Solutions and its amazing products come in. These guys can wrap your car’s paint and windshield in a special material that will protect them from scratches for up to ten years. Jay Leno is one of their customers, and the former TV show host wrapped his entire fleet of McLarens, including the 12C and F1 he owns. Now he’s doing the same with his P1.

The coating gets applied during an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, meaning we can have a look at the process and the end result. If you think these types of coatings are a waste of cash, they do include a comparison between a front fender wrapped in the same film and an untreated hood. Hit the play button to watch the action.


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