There are packages that can be delivered in simple and easy ways and then there are packages that need specific and high tech measures of handling and delivery.

The two "items" you’ll see in this video both belong in the latter category.

You see, these two aren’t your typical impulse buys from Amazon. These are Lamborghini Aventador supercars that cost a little under $400,000. Each.

So when you’re delivering two cars that almost reach $1 million combined, you need to take real good care of them, especially when they are in transit to awaiting owners. Look at how the Aventadors are meticulously wrapped in white protection coats, clearly suggesting that the cars need to be perfectly tucked and clear of whatever outside influences could potentially damage them.

Then there’s the use of what appears to be a mechanical platform that the Aventadors are sitting on. The platform moves ever so slowly towards the doors of the plane before rotating and being lowered down into the ground.

We can’t imagine the perils that go with delivering a car like the Aventador especially when something unforeseen happens to the cars that are beyond anyone’s control. Thankfully, these two Aventadors were delivered in the right and proper fashion.


Source: YouTube

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  (453) posted on 11.4.2011

That was truly a very attentive way! Well, I’m glad that they were really taking care this Aventador. I must also say that I’m impressed with the technologies that they had, so that the employee of them will not get so weary. smiley

  (580) posted on 10.26.2011

It was so nice to see if how they will deliver this Lamborghini Aventador, well I am hoping to see another video of this, the one that how they create their cars. smiley Anyway, it is absolutely an attentive way to deliver their cars.

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