Video: Three Ferrari F430s engage in three-way race in Malaysia

The Malaysian Grand Prix isn’t scheduled until two weeks, but from the looks of things, Ferrari is already waking waves in Malaysia.

Only it doesn’t even involve the Maranello-based automaker’s Formula One team. In a video that would make every Ferrari fan salivate, three F430’s were shot engaging in a fun Prancing Horse race on a road leading up to the Genting Highlands.

Who wins this race is pretty irrelevant to us. All we care about are those F430s, and three of them in one video is more than enough for us to sit back, relax, and enjoy the video.


Source: YouTube

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  (211) posted on 06.10.2011

Is there any speed limit in this area? I have seen various traffic violations for these cars..overtaking, sobering and overspeeding! What they did is kind of dangerous!

  (368) posted on 06.10.2011

Its a illegal race ..right? They are racing in the public road..which sounds so dangerous. Ferrari F430 has around 500+ hp and it s torque is just enough to make it run like hell in the road!

  (666) posted on 04.6.2010

Well this is a good way to warm up your car specially the drivers concentration.

  (1) posted on 03.31.2010

hi, i’m from Malaysia.
that’s the way up to Genting Highland...
so happy to see malaysian cars in this forum...

  (2) posted on 03.31.2010

ohh yes!! i live in Malaysia, and this is why i love it!!! 5-stars for the drivers!

  (858) posted on 03.30.2010

Dirty Drivers, but honesly I’m impressed with the road condition in Malaysia, excellent perfromance by Ferrari and their Drivers. I guess that was quite a fun street race but like pdaix said it’s to risky.

pdaix  (433) posted on 03.30.2010

oh my... if this was in the USA, the President would have already unleashed the FBI on the story to hunt down the evil drivers...thank god the spirit is still alive in Malaysia smiley... a bit risky though..

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