While the rest of the world is fawning over obscenely pale vampires and finely chiseled werewolves, we pistonheads are gearing up for a soon-to-be-released move that’s more to our liking: Titan.

Directed by Stephane Benini, Titan is one of those movies that can run the entire length with just car scenes without getting a little too redundant.
In this 6-minute video, Benini gives us a high-definition sneak peek of what to expect in the movie – and by expect, we mean a plethora of real-life racing scenes, featuring race cars, vintage cars, modern super cars, and even motorbikes, at no less than the Nurburgring. To add a more dramatic feel to it, Benini even mixed in some classical music with the unbridled sound of raging horsepower to give this Titan preview the look, sound, and feel of a movie that we car nuts will be falling head over heels for.

Sorry Edward and Jacob, our hearts belong to these kinds of beasts.


Source: Clash Productions

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  (570) posted on 01.17.2010

I will definitely agree on you on that point that the storyline and also the scenes may be on the rough road but there are some parts that I love where to showcase the fire breathing turbine and also the

  (780) posted on 12.18.2009

Well a short film about racing cars but a little unfair on comparing them to New Moon where the real beast are. Anyways I feel like the ratings of that movie(as a critic) is not that good. What I mean is, the storyline of that short film is not that sequential to amaze an audience.

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