Here’s something to add on your Christmas wish list: Takara Tomy’s latest toy creation, the Tomy Aero Spider Laser.

Capable of racing along walls through laser control, these new babies are re-defining what radio-controlled cars should be.

We’ve all seen and played these cars’ previous incarnation, the Aero Spiders, but while those cars mostly relied on reverse suction fans to race along walls, the Aero Spider Lasers use, well, ‘lasers’, to do the trick. If you have a hard time picturing the thought of radio-controlled cars defying gravity with the use of lasers, Gamera has a video to make believers out of all of you.


Source: Digi Info News

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  (379) posted on 03.2.2010

Cool. Except for it seems to be difficult to control. If it can work on the work, maybe it can work on the ground as well. If the car is already on the wall, why not just use a regular RC controller to make it run? It would be easier that having to point that laser thingy to where you want it to go but the reaction is not that good from the car.

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