Video: Top Gear drives the Jaguar XFR

The host of the BBC’s best automotive journal, Jeremy Clarkson, recently got behind the wheel of the new 510 HP Jaguar XFR. So what does the most influential man on Top Gear think about the Indian automaker’s fastest four door feline?

Check out the video and have a look for yourself.


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  (183) posted on 07.21.2009

I don’t know what you guys are talking about but I think that Jaguar XFR is pretty cool. I almost went ahead of the BMW’s record in Topgear. I also love its simplicity and I’m sure that there are others out there who feels the same. What a better way of surprising everyone with a humble look and then turned out to be next monster. Reminds me of Tom Riddle turns out to Voldemort. Anyway, congratulations to Jaguar for this magnificent beauty.

  (177) posted on 07.21.2009

Simplicity is good. We don’t want to overdo cars. And that’s simply because Jaguar has been playing safe in their luxury cars that mike100 has been telling us. But I think they have bright people in their staff to tell them that the Jaguar XFR is way too simple, most especially in the interior. It’s hard to say that Jaguar XFR could be part of the sporting luxury, the tag that they used to describe their own product. There are lots of improvements to be made. But this, like what everyone has said is a good attempt.

  (180) posted on 07.21.2009

Jaguar has always been known for their comfortable and luxury cars. Personally, I have always tagged or associated them with the older and much more successful people who have the purchasing power to afford this beautiful and pricey car. But their efforts to reach out for a younger market and more adventurous one is something that we can look up to. They just need to polish the body kit and the interiors. While it has very good performance, it needs to be reflected on how it looks. That’s the way it should work.

  (182) posted on 07.21.2009

Even if the BMW only won with a couple of milliseconds, I still prefer it than the new Jaguar. Well, first and foremost, you cannot always drive like Topgear does. Reality check, you don’t own the road. So not all the time, you get to experience the fastness of the Jaguar. But the feeling and the atmosphere would always be there. Definitely, that’s the one that we would always experience and that is what Jaguar XFR lacks.

  (182) posted on 07.21.2009

A perfect time to say the cliche, ’Dont judge the book by its cover.’ Simplicity, II guess is the key to prove that a product, or for this matter, the Jaguar XFR can solicit surprise and excitement from the market.

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