Video: Top Gear in Romania

A short while ago we spotted the BBC’s film crew toting around in a trio of open air super cars in the Romanian Parliamentary Palace. Since then production as wrapped, the film is in the can and the episode of Top Gear has already aired. Check out the video to see what Richard Hammond thought about the new Ferrari California, Jeremy Clarkson and his Aston Martin V8 Vantage roadster and Captain slow James May’s Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder on the Transfagarasanu road.

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juliabaciu  (14) posted on 11.17.2009

Transfagarasan Is one of the most beautiful and dangerous roads in Romania. There is the biggest danger, but also we will see the incomparable beauty landscapes.
There, the most of us will find out the best way in the world!

juliabaciu  (14) posted on 11.17.2009

This is the best road in the world, "says Clarkson, who believes caTransfagarasanul, a 40-year-old road is like a masterpiece.
"I love Romania. Can I move to Romania? Forever? ".

juliabaciu  (89) posted on 11.16.2009

Ha ha, the Blue Tooth set up.

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