Christmas is less than a week away and that only means one thing: Top Gear’s Christmas Special is on the docket, kicking off the newest season of the hit British TV show.

Earlier this month, we caught a few scenes of what’s in store for us for the show’s annual holiday episode and while we certainly saw a few pretty interesting scenes, BBC re-edited the trailer to give us a few more snippets of the Christmas episode.

We already know that the show will take place in India and judging from the trailer, it looks like the trio of Clarkson, May, and Hammond are embarking on another cross-country trip that involves a fair share of races and challenges.

There’s also a cameo appearance of a king cobra, the boys teaching some lads how to play baseball - catch the irony there? - and getting acclimated to the Indian-style of no-holds-barred driving.

The 30 second-trailer is getting us all excited for the Christmas Special. Just another reason why this is our favorite holiday of the year.


Source: BBC

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