For a lot of sports fans, late-January and early-February is always a time to look forward to because of the NFL playoffs Super Bowl.

But another January tradition that has people waiting with baited breath is the return of Top Gear, considered by many as the preeminent automotive series on television. So, with the days winding down before the debut of the 21st season on January 23, a lot of gearheads are counting down the days to get a new look at the new Top Gear season, featuring the lovable and controversial, trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

To give us a small sample size (a really small one, at that) of what to expect for the coming season’s worth of episodes, BBC released a short preview of one of the episodes with Clarkson driving aimlessly while counting all the lories that pass his way. Those are called trucks on this side of the Atlantic, by the way.

It’s nothing to go by, to be honest, and the look on Clarkson’s face seems to suggest that he’s having a not-so-enjoyable time behind the wheel of what looks like a compact hatch. Still and all, Top Gear’s back and that’s great news for everyone who has waited a while for these fellas to return.

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.Top Gear UK

Top-Ten Best Car TV Shows
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Often hilarious and always controversial, Top Gear UK is the number one car show in the world - by a mile.

And really, the reason is pretty simple: no other car show on television brings so many stunning adventures, all the latest exotica, playful jokes among the three hosts, and of course the wild inventions and outrageous challenges.

That’s not even getting into the chemistry that Clarkson, May, and Hammond have, making it the kind of buddy-cop sitcom we always enjoy with an automotive twist bordering on juvenile humor.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the "tame test driver" that incredibly has a cult following of his own.

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