The second season of Top Gear USA will air on Sunday, July 24th, so naturally the History Channel is already priming the crowd for its grand second season entrance with the show’s first trailer. After watching the almost two minute long video, it seems as though Top Gear USA may have all of its kinks ironed out - even if Adam Ferrara is still part of the trio.

Along with comedian, Adam Ferrara, Top gear USA welcomes back professional racing driver, Tanner Foust and automotive and racing analyst, Rutledge Wood. This first trailer shows the three of them driving classic cars and has a bit of an 80s theme running through it. It was pretty cool, but we would have rather seen actual footage from the second season. Guess they’re saving that stuff for the next trailer.

Enjoy the video and let us know what do you think: will the new season be better than the previous one?


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  (399) posted on 07.14.2011

Wow! I love the way how they used those vintage cars as a runaway car. I was amazed seeing cars (popular vintage cars) drifting in a beautiful way. I bet this season is made special. As always.

  (728) posted on 07.13.2011

I’m glad to see them back for the next season! I’m so excited for the preceding trailer. I wonder if Tanner Foust would again make a deadly stunt? I heard that Top Gear UK have plans in doing a breath-taking stunts.

  (502) posted on 07.13.2011

I haven’t seen any preview on what to expect on the new season. It seems like its just an introduction for the Top Gear USA hosts. Well, I hope to see the next trailer.

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