These days, there aren’t a lot of advertising tools as powerful as a good commercial, and while some car brands have succeeded in getting their messages to the TV audience across in 30 seconds, other commercials have failed miserably in doing so.

Thankfully, the new two-minute trailer featuring Volkswagen’s two R-Line vehicles – the Scirocco R and the Golf R20 - had us glued to the tube. The trailer mixed outstanding sound editing with a movie-like video featuring two VW test drivers taking the cars out for a spin out on a G-simulator and later on, out on a real track, all the while emphasizing the amount of G-Force the two cars can reach while setting blistering lap after blistering lap on the circuit.

Take the time out to check it out. If you ask us, it’s even worth multiple viewings.


Source: YouTube

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  (596) posted on 05.10.2011

The trailer looks promising! However, if you look closely between Scirocco R and Golf R; you can easily determine which one is the best. Or let us say – I always go for Sci. haha.

  (619) posted on 09.24.2010

I love the Scirocco R, but the Golf R greatly lessens the pain of the Sci not coming to America. It would be a lot worse if we weren’t getting anything good to make up for it - kinda like all the RWD Holden we don’t get here.

  (325) posted on 08.4.2010

Cool Ad. It’s really worth watching for several times.

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