For every blockbuster that rolls onto the silver screen being the cash cows that they are, there are a number of smaller budget movies that offer much more than just robots, fast cars, and tons of explosions.

The Parking Lot Movie is one of them. The critically acclaimed documentary dives into the lives of parking lot attendants at a singular lot in Charlottesville, Virginia. The film follows a select group of parking lot attendants who work for their hard-earned cash while dealing with obnoxious car owners of every kind. It’s a thankless job by all accounts and one that leads to a flawed idea of what the American Dream is.

On the flip side, somebody still has to do it and these people are front and center in the action, taking whatever wage they could get just to make ends meet.

On a deeper level, this documentary will show you the socio-economic divide of this country where the rich get to enjoy the spoils of their success while the not-so get to park the former’s vehicles all while having to tolerate their brash and – at least for some – rude behavior.

So while movies like Transformers 3 and Fast Five will rake in all the cash at the box office, a small-time documentary like the Parking Lot Movie will boast of something that money can’t buy: the capacity to have a lasting effect on all our collective psyches.

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  (386) posted on 03.10.2011

You better watch the Transformer 3 this coming July! And don’t waste you time on this crap! Wasted!

  (798) posted on 03.9.2011

I have saw this movie! I have lot of question at first but its hilarious though.
Now it made me to conclude that everyone needs to have a low wage job at least once. Do watch it yourself...

  (539) posted on 01.26.2011

I saw this movie at SXSW... Hilarious! You seriously need to watch it. I was skeptical at first, but I have been telling everyone about it since!

  (797) posted on 01.26.2011

Wow, John Beers and James McNew. I guess those guys had to have "real" jobs somewhere. I wish I knew where this parking lot was—when I lived in Charlottesville, I rode the bus. This is bringing back memories.

  (630) posted on 01.25.2011

Better watch it dude! Or find the review on Google!

  (445) posted on 01.25.2011

The trailer should be a preview on what to expect on the movie and give a little sneak peak..right? Then why I can’t understand what’s the movie all about.

  (504) posted on 01.3.2011

I’m sure that this message will change nothing. You’ll go on thinking that you’ve earned everything in your life because of your education and gumption and that’s that.

  (367) posted on 01.2.2011

The fact of the matter is that I’m 18 and halfway done with a degree in physics. I’ve been an author on a paper that contributed to the body of human knowledge and I’ve ran my own business in the black.

  (392) posted on 01.2.2011

Now wouldn’t it make sense to leave all this negativity behind us rather than having all these people picking up on this. People like to remember things and they tend to remember the positive things!

  (1211) posted on 12.28.2010

wow for sure that this will be a surprise one.. they haven’t announce the looks and specs of their 50th anniversary model. I’m really craving to read some of it.

  (776) posted on 12.28.2010

I would love to play this on my new PS3, I’ve heard that people die for these kinds of people

  (647) posted on 12.27.2010

Now wouldn’t it make sense to leave all this negativity behind us rather than having all these people picking up on this. People like to remember things and they tend to remember the positive things!

  (806) posted on 12.27.2010

so what does this movie all about? lessons about how to become a parking violator? hahaha just kidding.

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