Most of the summer movie schedule has come and gone and that leaves us with fewer blockbusters to look forward to. Fortunately, Transformers: Age of Extinction hasn’t been released yet. That’s enough reason for us to get our robot geeks on in time for its showing later this month.

Ahead of the movie’s June 27 opening, three new teasers of the movie were released, each as incredible as the other. The teasers, dubbed "Help", "Forge", and "Destroyer", gives us three unique looks at the action that takes place when our favorite Autobots join forces to save the world from all those intergalactic baddies.

The videos also gives us a few shots of some of the cars used in the movie. The most notable is that green Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and if you look just behind it, you’ll also see a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

It’s just the right amount of automotive awesomeness that we can all look forward to when Optimus Prime and company returns to the big screen.

Two more video after the jump.

Transformers 4 ’Forge’

Transformers 4 ’Destroyer’

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