When Traxxas first unveiled the X-01 R/C car just after the holidays last year, it billed the car as an out-of-this-world R/C vehicle capable of massive speeds and a matching sticker price.

Well, it looks like all that hype may be justified.

The X-01 was in attendance at the recently concluded SEMA Auto Show, and not only did it justify the $1,000-plus price tag it carried, it did so by unleashing its full fury on an unsuspecting miniature dyno machine.

By “full fury,” we mean maxing out well above 100 mph.

That number certainly doesn’t sound like a big deal for a regular car, but for an R/C car? Yeah, that’s a different story.

Traxxas brought the X-01 to SEMA and placed it on a rolling dyno to show its sick capabilities. And boy, did it impress, as it hit a top speed of 104 mph. Do you know what the wildest part is about this whole thing? It hit 104 mph in just four seconds, something that no other car - real or otherwise - is capable of doing.

Check out the video of the Traxxas X-01 hitting 104 mph at SEMA courtesy of the fellas over at HighTechCorvette.


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