For as much as we love a little daring-do here and there, some things are just way to dangerous for nonathletic blokes like us to pull off. Make no mistake, we enjoy occasional thrill-seeking exploits, but for the most part, the things that are too dangerous to do are probably best left to the talented or the mentally unstable.

Take this particular dude, for example. We don’t know if he’s the former or the latter, but we do know that he can jump really high and he’s got great timing.

It’s one thing to fake jumping over a car - hello there, Kobe Bryant! - but to actually do a legitimate jump on an actual Lamborghini Gallardo is all sorts of impressive.

Sure, the Gallardo was reportedly going only 50 mph, but its still a car and its still moving, making it a lot more dangerous than just jumping over a pile of boxes.

We applaud the gentleman for his successful jump, but under no circumstances will we come to trying that jump for ourselves. And even if we did, there’s a good chance that we probably won’t make it past the hood.


Source: You Tube

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  (831) posted on 10.25.2011

That man must really be crazy! Why is it the government of that place allowing that to happen, but well, I must say that I’m absolutely so impressed with the bravery of this man.

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